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Road Transportation


Road transportation is the physical process of transporting cargo or people by road using motor vehicles. In this case, the road is a route between the point of departure and the point of destination. Compared to other types of transport systems such as sea and air, the cost of maintaining roads is cheaper. Road transport can be in certain cases, the only method of transport into rural areas where other means of transport are not available.

Road transportation is an affordable and fast method for transporting a wide variety of goods between different cities and ports of a country, as well as between different countries with road connections.
Standard cargo transportation is accompanied by the use of minimal free documentation, regardless of whether the cargo is transported across the territory of one country or shipped to another one.

How do you know if you need our assistance with road transportation?

Delivery of special-purpose cargo and goods, dangerous goods, food and agricultural products etc. between cities, towns and small villages requires fast and safe transportation, taking into account all the needs of the sender and recipients. The problem of transportation is especially acute when warehouses are located far from ports or airports and require a faster response after a delivery order. Ordering international and domestic cargo transportation, you want to be sure that you will be free from all the difficulties associated with logistics. Equally important is the cycle of logistics services from picking up cargo from the manufacturer or factory to delivery to an intermediate point for further shipment or to warehouses from which the goods will be delivered to store shelves.

Why you choose us?

  1. Keeping our fleet in good condition is a great way to avoid any major issues that could affect our ability to deliver freight on time, to ensure you are satisfied with our services. We regularly carry out all the necessary maintenance activities for our fleet. A careful selection of the best quality spare parts, including truck tires, help keep our vehicles in good working shape on the road.
  2. We will provide customized transportation planning and best direct transportation options to minimize transportation time and maximize the confidence that your order will be handled professionally. 
  3. For the transportation of oversized cargo, our company uses special low-bed semi-trailers with a high carrying capacity – trawls, as well as powerful tractors capable of transporting heavy equipment over long distances. Depending on the specifics of the cargo, our specialists select the best option for the trailer.
  4. We provide a full range of additional services that will be included in the price without additional charges:
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation
  • Cargo insurance
  • Organization of cargo escort
  • Tracking of cargo transportation
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Reliable support
    We provide support based on our experience in solving even the most unexpected problems. We strive to provide high-quality work, which is why every shipment is under the supervision of the insurer.
  • Around-the-clock service
    Our staff is available 24/7 to ensure the smooth execution of the transport and it is always ready to provide you with all the necessary information
  • Always on time 
    Punctuality and responsibility for an unquestionably successful transportation process is of the utmost priority for us.
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