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Road Transportation

Road transportation is the physical process of transporting cargo or people by road using motor vehicles. In this case, the road is a route between the point of departure and the point of destination. Compared to other types of transport systems such as sea and air, the cost of maintaining roads is cheaper. Road transport can be in certain cases, the only method of transport into rural areas where other means of transport are not available.

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A Guide to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Distribution is a critical element of any business operation. It involves the efficient movement
of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer, and it plays a vital role in ensuring customer
satisfaction and business success. However, distribution can be complex and challenging,
with a range of factors that can impact its effectiveness.

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Part Of A Thriving Business

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “logistics”? The word “logistics” is known from the Roman Empire, where employees involved in distributing food were called “logisticians” or “logistics”. Logistics was developed through the development of military affairs. But, nowadays logistics is primarily a management model for optimizing all processes of movement of goods, services, and resources, which contributes to the development of B2B and B2C business.

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Organic producer in the heart of EuropeProduction technology

ASC UkrBioLand – the family-owned and operated organic agricultural servicing cooperative with the land bank over 5,532 ha located in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the center of Ukraine.

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