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Modern challenges require immediate action. Many companies in the supply chain face challenges that require time, resources and modern solutions. And not all companies have them in sufficient quantity.

As an integral component of the supply chain, Avirock is acting as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the recipient entity.

With extensive experience and sufficient competence in delivering products and goods wherever they are needed, we act across many countries in a number of branches in different manufacturing. We provide and use the solutions, which meet the needs of our customers around the world.

Avirock arranges services and products for international distribution in a wide range of businesses:

  • Agricultural products (cereals, oilseeds, legumes);
  • Plastic sanitary ware;
  • Agricultural machinery, special agricultural and freight transport, packaging equipment; packaging materials, etc.
  • And many others

Main things that help us to make our distribution services impactful:

  1. Well-developed and accessible transport system;
  2. Packaging that meets all the requirements for distributed products safety in any time and under any conditions;
  3. A tracking system that allows to track the movement of the cargo and to ensure it to be received at the right time and in the right quantity;
  4. Providing information about warehouses for depositing cargo in such a way that it can be received with the best convenience possible;
  5. Assistance in the process of the return of the goods back to the manufacturer in cases stipulated by the contracts of the supplier and the recipient.

We do not tend to solve all global problems; we just seek to create a strong and reliable distribution network between industries and businesses by providing highly efficient and qualified distribution services. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and at each particular moment.

Our aspirations are to make or to supply necessary goods to our clients situated in different areas around the world, providing with proper storing, handling and protecting the goods and supplying them in good condition.

What makes us special?

We signed an exclusive distribution partnership with UkrBioLand - one of the largest farms in Ukraine, which is engaged in the cultivation of certified grain, according to the organic standards of the EU (EU-BIO), Switzerland (BioSuisse) and the USA (NOP); also we cooperate on a long-term basis with Grain Sleeves, Marma Plast, Hatzenbichler and others companies.
Transparency of the process
We are transparent while providing solutions and services, and during every project and business that we accompany. Our goal is to make all our processes simple, clear, and easy to understand.
Wide distribution network
We provide an interconnected group of warehouses and transportation systems that receive goods and products and then deliver them to final recipients.

Our products

Plastic products

Grains, oilseeds, pulses

Packaging material



Plant protection products


We're here to help you with in-house level service. Contact us and we will reach you back in 12 hours if:

  • Not sure which solution fits your business needs?
  • Looking for a well-experienced team  who knows the intricacies of the distribution process?

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