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Based on the two continents with
team members, partners and clients around the world

We take quality service seriously, and can give you a regular excellent one with the stable support of our team, who know and understand the needs of your business, and are committed to your work.

We are here to provide optimal expertise to achieve exceptional business value for our partners in an environment of trust and success.

Some more facts

Two main offices in Poland and USA
UkrBioLand (ukrbioland.com) — one of the largest farms in Ukraine, which is engaged in the cultivation of certified grain, according to the organic standards of the EU, Switzerland and the USA
Own the largest high-technological SoloPlast factory, which produces plastic plumbing products in Ukraine
Provides special logistics services for transportation of humanitarian aid as part of different social projects
From the beginning of this year, our consulting team created from scratch a number of turnkey websites for volunteer projects, to provide humanitarian aid and fundraising activities

Why should you choose us?

  • Our highly qualified team provides arrangement services for international distribution of various products and offers logistics and transport turnkey solutions;
  • Our own manufacturing facilities produce more than 1200 tons per year of sanitary ware and household goods;
  • In addition, we provide consulting in business digitalization and project management;
  • We ensure high-level expertise in recruiting, accounting, and assistance in import and export processes.



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